Sunday, November 16, 2008

C.G. Jung would be proud

What a strange day it's been. Well, to be honest, it's hardly been a different day from my normal routine. What's strange is the amount of synchronic events that have occurred related to my Japanese studies!

Earlier, as I was writing 赤 (aka, red) into my notepad while conducting my kanji reps, the narrator on the Japanese program I was "watching" said the word, "akai" - red. In what context, I don't even remember, but these little events are always a little eerie, aren't they? They're similar to deja vu in that they're utterly baffling, unexplainable and yet so incredibly random; perhaps synchronicity having more of a profound effect on the individual.

At any rate... synchronicity never, ever occurs in just one random bout, for me. If I experience one instance, I'll always experience at least one other similar event the same day, or shortly thereafter. Today was no exception!
I've neglected to blog about this little fact, but I've begun my (decidedly light - "lite" if you'll excuse the term) sentence studies - nothing major yet, as I still feel like I have my hands mostly full with my kanji reviews; I've added a little under 30 sentences since the other day when I began - and I've recently memorized the word (and kanji compound) 結婚 (kekkon, marriage). No less that twice today did I hear that word! In two entirely different instances, no less.
Perhaps this is more coincidental and likely (and not technically synchronic, now that I think about it) - after all, as my Japanese vocabulary increases, I'll certainly recognize more words such as this; that much is obvious. Perhaps it's not even all that strange at all that I've recognized this word! 新 (atarashi, new) is another word I've picked up somewhat recently that I recognize all the goddamn time now. Despite my currently dismal Japanese vocabulary, it's really a great feeling to immediately recognize words I've just recently learned, and it certainly whets my appetite to learn more.

And with that long-winded post devoid of any point, I'm back to my studies!

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