Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So uhh... speaking of slacking... again.

I've been looking for some solid listening resources lately.
I love a good number of Japanese bands (Boris, Envy, Luminous Orange, Heaven in Her Arms, 夢中夢, Church of Misery...), but I honestly don't pay that much attention to lyrics in most of the music I listen to, as I'm more drawn to melody; it's not uncommon that I'll completely ignore lyrics in a song for a dozen or more listens, even if it's in English. Besides, I have a comparatively limited amount of Japanese music to the rest of my collection, and I hate overplaying music I enjoy.

I've stumbled upon a few nice troves of Japanese podcasts here and there as well, and while these are certainly useful, I found it irritating having to download files piece by piece, with file names that often weren't descriptive, therefore leading to a disorganized mess in my download folders (yeah, probably my own fault) - generally, just overly time consuming to get a good collection of listening material.

Then I came across this little gem.


The link speaks for itself, although video and audio quality are questionable, at best, and there isn't a huge selection of channels to choose from. I've also affirmed the fact that daytime Japanese television is only marginally better than it is here in America. Regardless, this is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for - something I can stream more or less constantly in the background while I'm working on my computer (which is frequently, to say the least). This eliminates the need to search for new, fresh material and the need to click through media players to restart content, and so forth. Actually, I've come across some surprisingly interesting programs already, though I've only been able to understand most of the bits and pieces through context.

Still, I doubt there's a better way to funnel a diverse assortment of spoken (everyday) Japanese through your head while studying, and this, to me, is an incredibly valuable tool.

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