Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Imaginary Sonicscape

Words cannot possibly begin to describe how much I despise this kanji.

Yeah, I'm looking at you. It's neither a particularly difficult kanji to produce or recognize - in fact, despite its relative complexity, it's probably one of the most distinct, unmistakable kanji I know of (right up there with 愛). But no, that doesn't change the fact that I hate, loathe, detest this kanji's existance.

Why? Because every time I write this sucker out, it turns out looking like something a 1st grader would scribble, thanks to its ridiculously tightly jammed-together strokes. That's why. Now, maybe this kanji won't give me so much trouble when writing on regular lined paper where I'm not confined to itty-bitty squares on graphing paper, but until then, 憂 can go and take a few tightly-packed strokes, if ya know what I mean.

I may be the first and only person on Earth to have ever made a vaguely sexual insult toward a kanji.


jayslug said...

I am positive you are not the first to insult a kanji. I too, hate many kanji. I am wondering, however, if when you encounter kanji that you despise if you learn a mnemonic, or if the disgust itself actually helps your remember :P

Burritolingus said...

Ahh, but that's the beauty of voicing my frustration and fury toward specific kanji! I've absolutely been able to remember a good several kanji by ranting on about them. It makes sense - this hated kanji is in my head all the while, after all, not to mention I'm probably likely to recall ranting about it and thus associating a memory alongside it. I've actually had little problem remembering 憂 since this post, in fact, when it's given me plenty of trouble in the past.

See, bitching has its practical applications!