Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yukari Telepath

Sentences, revisited
Another pretty darn productive day, albeit slower paced. I'm now concurrently reviewing an RTK deck, as well as maintaining and reviewing my sentence deck, and plan to stick with both for the foreseeable future. So far so good.

I'm definitely getting used to the sentence method, something which felt entirely alien and awkward to me at first. I'm following a few guidelines currently in order to make the process as painless, efficient and fun as possible:

  • A hard limit of up to 10 characters (not including numbers; I'm also lax with katakana names and loanwords)
  • Whenever possible, I try to avoid adding sentences that contain more than one or two words I'm not familiar with. In my brief experience, the most troublesome cards have been those containing multiple words I don't know.
  • Until I'm feeling more comfortable with vocabulary, I'm also adding individual words, something I've been trying to avoid doing but ultimately should be a necessary crutch.
So I'm still getting the hang of things, but I can definitely see myself keeping a pace of 30-50 new sentences a day, pretty soon. Rock on.

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