Friday, December 12, 2008

King of Those Who Know

What a difference a day or three makes. Previously down on my luck (and studies), I'm now feeling rejuvenated and revitalized (and beginning to sound like a shampoo advertisement) and ready to kick some 日本語 ass.

Slumps are often unavoidable (at least in my own experience), but you just gotta roll with it and keep your head up in order to stave off the frustration and doubt that comes with it. In my case, my studies slowed down a bit over the past week, which is likely what triggered my slump - I only had to realize that, despite having slowed down, I'm still doing my fair share of anything in Japanese, every-single-day, whether it be watching a drama (sans subs!), etching out a couple dozen kanji from my SRS, reading a Japanese header from or listening to one of many Japanese bands - it's uncommon that a day goes by that I haven't done all of the above, it's all become part of a natural habit. Even if I slow down, I'm still making progress.

However, now that I'm back to my "regular" pace, I hope to make some serious headway in the coming weeks. My tentative, rough goal is to have every RTK kanji reviewed by the new year (easy), so that I can truly begin the sentence phase. I'm stoked.

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